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Baku Medals - 10th October 2015

Four of our five Rushmoor swimmers who represented G.B. (Hannah, Lara, Jorja and Danielle) at the Baku 2015 European Games in June brought their medals to a team evening to show all our swimmers.

Baku Medals


to the following 10 Rushmoor swimmers who have been selected for the 2015/16 England Senior and/or Junior Squads:

  • Hannah Randall, Jodie Cowie, Jorja Brown - Senior squad
  • Danielle Cooper, Claire Harris, Zoe James - Senior and Junior squad
  • Lara Hockin, Celina Dembinska-Kenner, Hannah James, Torrie Usher - Junior squad

S.E. Recreation Regionals - 26th September 2015

All 3 of our recreational teams medalled!!!!

Our U12 and U19 rec. teams won GOLD and our 13-15 rec team tied winning BRONZE.

It's been a few years since all our rec teams have medalled at this comp. so CONGRATS to our swimmers and coaches, you did a brilliant job and it was so great to hear "Rushmoor" announced in every age group.

A big "thank you" to our volunteers: Margaret, Louise R. and Susie S.; Gio for being a TM as well as Zayna who helped out with the younger swimmers and to Amy W. who came along to support everyone.

Great results everyone!

Rushmoor U12s Rushmoor U13-15s Rushmoor U19

Dr Neil Wilson - Lifetime Member (18.08.15)

It is with very great sadness that I am passing on the news that Dr Neil Wilson passed away on Tuesday 18th August 2015. Neil was Carolyn Macdonald's father, and one of the founder members of our Club, and a Life Member. It is doubly sad that Neil has passed away so soon after his great friend Mike Firmin.

Neil dedicated a huge part of his life to Rushmoor, to synchronised swimming in general and to the synchro career of his daughter, Carolyn. He was Chairman of our Club, and in later years a constant guiding influence as a Life Member. Neil was a physicist specialising in engineering and metallurgy, and he worked with Mike Firmin in research at Farnborough airport. At Mike's recent funeral we heard stories of Neil and Mike spending quite a lot of time at work discussing the scientific aerodynamics involved in synchronized swimming, which was probably typical of both of them!

Dr Wilson was a man of great morals and integrity, and a complete gentleman at all times.

So our Club loses another of its great characters, but we are left with Neil's abiding memory, legacy and guiding influence which we must now take forward to fuel a new generation of swimmers and parents at Rushmoor.

Neil's funeral was held on Monday 7th September 2015.

Brian Gegg
Chairman - Rushmoor Synchronised Swimming Club

1st Beacon Games, Bristol - 11th July 2015

CONGRATS to Zayna Gallacher (Rushmoor) who came 2nd in the Beacon Games 13-15 figures comp. winning SILVER.

Our Rushmoor Beacon squad consisted of 3 Rushmoor, 4 Portsmouth Victoria, 2 Barnet Copthall swimmers:

12 & U: 9th - Daisy Gunn (54.6570); 19th - Abi Garner (52.7441); 28th - Risa Darcy (50.5604).

13/15: 2nd - Zayna Gallacher (56.7111); 5th - Lucy Clanfield (54.8519); 7th - Jekatarina Zeddam (54.5481); 12th - Laura Benson (53.1926); 13th - Hazel Parke (52.2592); 16th - Karina Breen-Cusido ( 50.5629).

Open 13/15: 14th - Ella Rose (EDS) (55.9111).

"You did our Club proud with your 'Peter Pan' display which I thought was one of the cleanest as well as your calm, collected behaviour and very notably was your sportsmanship - well done girls!!"

Bristol Central Synchro Club hosted the first Synchro Beacon Games at Soundwell Pool, Bristol on Saturday 11th July 2015.

This was a regional figures competition open to those on the Regional Beacon Programmes (Leeds, Reading, Rugby & Rushmoor), England development, and all other ASA registered swimmers who fall within the 9-12 and 13-15 age category and who hold skill level 2 or above.

Medals were awarded to the top three swimmers in each age group from the Regional Beacon squads and to the top three swimmers in the open figures comp. A trophy was also awarded to the overall winning Regional Beacon squad. All 4 Beacon squads and England development squad performed a short display of the England "Peter Pan" routine at the end of the competition.

The competition will showcase talent from those on the ASA Beacon Programme – a talent development pathway created to help young athletes reach their full potential. The ASA’s Beacon Programmes are in place to support the regional swim21 networks of clubs and each programme provides regular access for a regionally selected group of swimmers to long course training, sports science support services and educational programmes as an enhancement to their club programmes.

Warwickshire/Staffordshire Championships - 4th July 2015

A huge congratulations to our U19 rec. team who won GOLD at the Warwickshire/Staff comp. on Saturday coached by Debbie Carpenter and Hayley Cornick. This is the 2nd year running that this team has won gold! Alice Bell from our 15-18 team, who is a duo member represented her figures Club 'Barnet Copthall' and swam a solo and placed 5th and in the 17/18 figures comp. came 2nd winning SILVER and in the open figures comp. got BRONZE.

Great results everyone!

Hampshire Age Groups - 20th June 2015

We won 6 medals: 12&U - GOLD to Risa Darcy; SILVER to Amy Wilshaw; 13-15 - BRONZE to Zayna Gallacher; 15-18 - GOLD to Robyn Stanhope; SILVER to Alice Bell and BRONZE to Celina Dembinska-Kenner.

Rushmoor U12 Pat Koster Trophy goes to Risa Darcy; Rushmoor 13/14/15 Gravelines Trophy - Zayna Gallacher; Rushmoor 15/16/17/18 Nancy Cup - Robyn Stanhope. Congrats girls!

This is our county competition against Portsmouth Victoria where we compete for the Hampshire Cup which Rushmoor have retained for the last 10 years in a row. We are the 2015 winners of the Hampshire aggregate trophy. This competition was first held in 1982. Rushmoor have won this cup 29 times in 33 years.

To cut down on costs, we run the competition with Berks/Bucks and share the cost and officials. Each County is responsible for their own competition. This year it was held as a "figures only" competition and the England 'Age Group' opened the competition with a display routine they will be swimming in Croatia.

"THANK YOU" to all the judges and volunteers for giving up your time and helping at the event which we couldn't have held without your contributions, especially those that gave up their time and didn't have someone taking part in the competition.

A "special thank" you to Jane White - Referee and Emma Suddaby-Brown for all their help on the day. Thanks also to Tania Hockin and Susie Smillie - Chief Scorers, Tina Wilshaw - Team Manager and Amy Campbell who was a runner and the Hampshire medal bearer.

Well done to all our swimmers who competed.

Hampshire Cup: Rushmoor - 55 pts PVSC - 40 pts

Junior European Games, Baku - 12th - 16th June 2015

Team GB sent 160 athletes to Baku, Azerbaijan - their biggest overseas team since the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Athletes from the England Talent Synchronised Swimming Squad competed at the Junior European Games in Baku.

FIVE athletes in the England Talent Squad are from RUSHMOOR:

• Jodie Cowie

• Hannah Randall

• Jorja Brown

• Danielle Cooper

• Lara Hockin

The Combination squad placed 10th (75.9000pts).

The duet: Jodie Cowie and Genevieve Randall placed 12th (75.3000 total 144.5659pts).

The Free Team placed 9th (144.6049pts): Phoebe Bradley-Smith, Jorja Brown, Jodie Cowie, Emma Critchley, Esme Lower, Genevieve Randall, Hannah Randall, Rebecca Richardson, Danielle Cooper (Reserve), Lara Hockin (Reserve).

In the Figures event out of 146 athletes: A huge congrats to Jorja who placed 54th - Jorja Brown (71.3455); 70th - Genevieve Randall (70.0727); 76th - Hannah Randall (69.3364); 82nd - Jodie Cowie (68.4591); 91st - Phoebe Bradley-Smith (67.800); 105th - Rebecca Richardson (67.1773); 110th - Emma Critchley (66.5636); 127th - Danielle Cooper (64.6455); 129th - Esme Lower (64.6182); 137th - Lara Hockin (62.4227).

Reading Novice comp. - 6th June 2015

We won some medals: 12&U Skill 2 - BRONZE to Abi Garner and 13+ Skill 2 - GOLD to Natasha Early, SILVER to Chloe Williams. Congrats girls! and well done to all our swimmers who competed.

Mike Firmin - Lifetime Member (27.05.15)

It is with very great sadness that I am passing on the news that Mike Firmin passed away on 27th May 2015. Mike was one of the founder members of our Club in 1966 and dedicated his life to Rushmoor and to synchronised swimming generally. Mike coached many of our best swimmers across his career (51 years), was Chairman of our Club for many years; the Chairman of our Life Members and the first Hampshire synchro secretary.

People are remembered for their deeds and their integrity. Mike Firmin worked tirelessly to do things for other people, and always with the utmost integrity. He will be sadly missed, but will always be an integral part of Rushmoor Synchronised Swimming Club, and his memory, values and influence will forever live on in our Club.

Brian Gegg
Chairman - Rushmoor Synchronised Swimming Club