National Age groups: Friday 2nd - Sunday 4th December 2016

This was a tough weekend to navigate with so many moving parts! and having our recreational teams split over Saturday/Sunday with the competitive teams. A huge thank you goes out to our team of volunteers who were brilliant and without them giving up their time we wouldn't have run as smoothly:
Margaret Woolley - judging and Mitch - Head TM for 3 LONG days of and being poolside from early morning to the last person left standing after the days’ event; Alison Thickett - assisting TM, who discovered how much behind the scenes work/planning there is that parents/swimmers don't realise there is to do especially in anticipating any plan b's etc; Deborah Jackson, Tina Wilshaw, Jane Randall for assisting and having them helping was so important with the number of swimmers we were shifting around; Sonia Dembinska for being our Club volunteer at the event and Barbara Campbell for being taxi when Margaret and Mitch needed transport. Coaches - a big “thanks” for your hard work throughout the year! and getting your teams to performance level for this competition.


12&U rec. finished 19th on 43.5000pts and swam the routine to “Monsters University”: Harriet Clowes, Hannah Coppock, Lana Darcy, Gabriella Dineen, Faye Hyde, Olivia Pearce, Harriet Price, Simona Rosu, Isobella Thompson, Poppy Rixson-Wright, Francesca Rice. Coached by Hannah Randall.

13/14 rec. Team 1 finished 5th on 53.9333pts and swam the routine to “Kingsman”: Grace Andrews, Grace Balchin, Jess Bosworth, Alex Ellerington, Yasmin Grist, Annaliese McCarthy, Lucy McGirr, India Rankin, Thea Schirvanian, Amy Wilshaw. Coached by Emma Adams.

13/14 rec. Team 2 finished 15th on 45.2667pts and swam the routine to “Kingsman”: Emily Lawrence, Emily Tapley, Kimberley Duguid, Lily Muir, Olive Wallace. Coached by Sammie Mattinson

15/17 rec. finished 3rd winning BRONZE on 55.3000pts and swam the routine to “Divergent”: Josephine Connor, Natasha Early, Minnie Gray, Sophie McCarthy, Jessica Mint, Lauren Nash, Pippa Schulp, Jemima Smillie, Helena Sullivan. Coached by Debbie Carpenter and Hayley Cornick.

12&U comp. finished 8th on 106.5155pts and swam the routine to a “Samba” compilation: Abi Garner, Alex Thickett, Amber Hart, Amy Campbell, Eloise Viney, Katharine Jackson,Louise Love, Regan Woods, Grace Godfrey (R). Coached by Emily Randall and Lucy Hockin

13/15 comp. finished 5th on 115.7543pts and swam the routine to a “Pan” compilation: Bella Harris Johnstone, Charlie Trigg, Ella Rose, Maggie Horos, Olivia Robinson, Risa Darcy, Zayna Gallacher, Zelah Poole, Charlotte Reed (R), Tara McManus (R). Coached by Sam Tomlinson.

15/18 Guns finished 1st winning GOLD on 137.2679pts and swam the routine to “Man from U.N.C.L.E.”: Celina Dembinska-Kenner, Chloe Thickett, Claire Harris, Emma Critchley, Hannah James, Imogen Smith, Victoria Usher, Zoe James, Danielle Cooper (R).
Coached by Louise Ross and April Poulter with Kate Poulter assisting.

15/18 Roses finished 5th on 120.7789pts and swam the routine to “Man from U.N.C.L.E.”: Alice Bell, Francesca Sole, Megan Randall, Millie Grinham, Rosie Gunn, Savannah Gracey.
Coached by Louise Ross and April Poulter with Kate Poulter assisting.


12&U: 8th - Alex Thickett (61.4312); 11th - Abi Garner (59.3555); 16th - Louise Love (57.8888); 46th - Eloise Viney (53.4311); 65th - Katharine Jackson (51.1200); 77th - Regan Woods (50.3377); 84th - Amber Hart (48.4711); 92nd - Grace Godfrey (46.9956); 98th - Amy Campbell (45.8221).

13/15: 12th - Zayna Gallacher (60.0039); 24th - Risa Darcy (57.3940); 29th - Bella Harris-Johnstone (56.8258); 50th - Charlotte Reed (54.4734); 53rd - Charlie Trigg (54.1781); 54th - Olivia Robinson - (54.1591); 56th - India Rankin (54.1326); 59th - Tara McManus (53.9167); 74th - Grace Andrews (52.9167); 79th - Magdalena Horos (52.5757); 84th - Ella Rose (52.3826); 90th - Zelah Poole (51.8485).

15/18: 3rd - Emma Critchley (71.8229); 5th - Danielle Cooper (68.5706); 8th - Victoria Usher (66.6395); 9th - Celina Dembinska-Kenner (65.6516); 10th - Hannah James (65.2523); 11th - Imogen Smith (64.9339); 12th - Alice Bell (64.7596); 13th - Zoe James (64.0571); 14th - Claire Harris (63.0391); 18th - Rosie Gunn (61.6247); 20th - Chloe Thickett (60.4805); 23rd - Millie Grinham (59.8649); 27th - Savannah Gracey (58.4114); 33rd - Megan Randall (57.2973); 55th - Francesca Sole (52.9159).


12&U: 8th - Alex Thickett (115.7979); 11th - Abi Garner (111.4222);

13/15: 9th - Zayna Gallacher (118.1706).

15/18: 5th - Danielle Cooper (136.0373); 6th - Victoria Usher (132.6062); 7th - Alice Bell (128.9263); 11th - Chloe Thickett (122.9138).


12&U: 6th - Abi Garner and Alex Thickett (116.9267).

13/15: 4th - Zayna Gallacher and Bella Harris-Johnstone (119.6482).

15/18: 2nd - Claire Harris and Hannah James (135.0457); 3rd - Rosie Gunn and Victoria Usher (129.9321).