National Synchro Championships, GL1 - 2nd - 3rd May 2015

We are very proud of our Champs squad. They won SILVER in the combo event with a great swim and sheer determination. Unfortunately, we were beaten by Bristol who really pulled out all the stops.

In figures, Jorja Brown won GOLD and Hannah Randall SILVER - wow this was a battle as just .5333 of a point between them! All our swimmers who entered figures came in the top 21 - brilliant!

Hannah Randall also took GOLD in the free solo event with a beautiful performance to Evanescence’s My Immortal. She has finally reached her dream of winning gold in this event!

We got SILVER in our Tech team swim with a very strong performance - the girls were really sharp.

In the Free team swim, again we got SILVER - the lifts were on target and looked effortless.

Hannah and Jorja won GOLD in the free duet. Wow it was spectacular and a lot of people commented on how they loved the routine with the girls closely mirroring each other.

Alice and Robyn narrowly missed out on bronze coming 4th and were quite nervous but should be proud of themselves as they covered the pool well with an impressive swim.

Well done to all our swimmers.