Rushmoor Sculling Comp. (Skill 0 & 1) - 20th May 2014

This was an in-house sculling competition for all our Skill 0 & 1 swimmers and was run by our Skill 2+ swimmers who were judges, clerks, scorers, callers, runners, presenters, Masters Team Manager as well as parents/siblings who helped. Well done to our swimmers and a huge thank you to all our helpers especially to Tania Hockin who was chief organiser - you all did a wonderful job. Congratulations to our medalists below:

Rushmoor Sculling Comp. 2014 - Skill 0 medalists & presenters

Rushmoor Sculling Comp. 2014 - Skill 1 medalists and presenters

Skill 0 GOLD - Josephine Connor, SILVER - Jessica-Lucy Mint, BRONZE - Pippa Schulp

Presenters: Ella Rose & Brian Gegg (Chairman)

Skill 1 GOLD - Charlie Trigg, SILVER - Bella Harris-Johnstone, BRONZE - Abi Garner

Presenters: Zayna Gallacher & Brian Gegg (Chairman)