Masters Championships - 9th November 2013

TEAM: April Poulter, Debbie Carpenter, Emma Adams, Emma Cole, Hannah Cole, Hayley Cornick, Holly Ramskir, Leonie Kearn, Louise Woolley, Sarah Dunford.

Louise dominated for the second year running at the Masters Synchronised Swimming Championships 2013 in Telford, winning the technical and free solo events in her age group. Looking strong in her technical solo, taking the win in the 20-29yrs age category with a score of 70.750 pts. Louise showed complete control, making use of the enre pool with fluid transitions between figures and good height out of the water.

Louise's free routine saw her claim 70.526 pts – almost 10 points clear of her rivals. This, combined with her technical score, gave her a cumulative result of 141.279 to beat her own total at the event last year.

Masters 2013 - April finishing 6th April came 6th with 63.125 pts in her technical solo and 61.888 pts in her free roune giving April a cumulative result of 125.013.

Louise and April took GOLD in the 20-29yrs age group duets with 66.125 in their tech duet and 69.388 in their free duet giving them a cumulative result of 135.513 - 6.837 points clear of 2nd place Seymour.

In the 20-34yrs technical and free team, Rushmoor took GOLD scoring 63.375 and 64.701 respectively for an overall score of 128.076.

They also won GOLD in the 20+ years combination team event.