Dr Neil Wilson - Lifetime Member (18.08.15)

It is with very great sadness that I am passing on the news that Dr Neil Wilson passed away on Tuesday 18th August 2015. Neil was Carolyn Macdonald's father, and one of the founder members of our Club, and a Life Member. It is doubly sad that Neil has passed away so soon after his great friend Mike Firmin.

Neil dedicated a huge part of his life to Rushmoor, to synchronised swimming in general and to the synchro career of his daughter, Carolyn. He was Chairman of our Club, and in later years a constant guiding influence as a Life Member. Neil was a physicist specialising in engineering and metallurgy, and he worked with Mike Firmin in research at Farnborough airport. At Mike's recent funeral we heard stories of Neil and Mike spending quite a lot of time at work discussing the scientific aerodynamics involved in synchronized swimming, which was probably typical of both of them!

Dr Wilson was a man of great morals and integrity, and a complete gentleman at all times.

So our Club loses another of its great characters, but we are left with Neil's abiding memory, legacy and guiding influence which we must now take forward to fuel a new generation of swimmers and parents at Rushmoor.

Neil's funeral was held on Monday 7th September 2015.

Brian Gegg
Chairman - Rushmoor Synchronised Swimming Club