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                                                                            2013 BRITISH CHAMPIONS



Skill Test

In order to compete, you must have passed the relevant skill level. Your coach will be able to tell you which level is needed for which competition. If you would prefer not compete then you should concentrate on the recreational grades.

You can find what needs to be completed for each
  recreational grade here (June 2006 version).

Or find the requirements for the Skill Levels here:

Skill Level 1
Skill Level 2
Skill Level 3
Skill Level 4
Skill Level 5

NB  : The January 2014 for skills 1 & 2 and January 2015 for skills 3,4, & 5 versions of the Skill Levels are the most up-to-date available

All assessors have a Guide to Marking Levels which they will use to assess how far out of the water a swimmer has performed their movement.

You can download a Swimmer’s Handbook here to record the skill level or grade you have taken and whether you passed or failed.

Skill Assessment Rules

Please see below the recent skill level assessment rules that are currently in operation. Please note the exception to the rule.

1. Only trained Senior Skill Assessors may preside over Skill Assessment

2. All applications for skill days MUST be sent in by the clubs in bulk and
NOT by the individual swimmers. (This allows clubs to be fully aware who is taking skills)

3. So that there are adequate skill assessors, each club must send
appropriately qualified skill assessors at the clubs expense.

For 0 - 5 swimmers - 1 assessor will be required

For 6 - 15 swimmers - 2 assessors will be required

For 15 - 25 swimmers - 3 assessors will be required (and so on in multiple of 10)






Please click here for a list of the latest courses available in the South East Region.

There are a number of courses occurring in the near future and the Club desparately require anyone who feels that they could either help on poolside or who would be willing to act as a Team Manager at events/skill tests attended by the Club. Without more people involved the Club could end up only attending those competitions/skill tests that the Club feels are important, and possibly having to pay for coaches that would then involve an increase in the Club fees to cover these expenses.  The Club relies heavily on volunteer work and without which the Club would not be able to survive