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This is a new section that will contain details of dry land training whether it is general information such as details of external dry land training sessions that can be accessed by the swimmers or training articles that can further aid the swimmers.

England warm up

Click below for examples that England Talent squads use for land training:

England Talent warm up

England strength session

England Talent flexibility programme

Strength video:

Warm Up video:

Understanding the Land-drill Language

Please click on the following article which show's you in full detail how land-drill moves work and what they are for:
General Information 

The Club fully recognises that the swimmers will need to undertake further dry land training, beyond the weekly 2-3 hour dry land training sessions already offered by the Club, and therefore listed below are details of external dry land training that the Club has identified as meeting the requirements of the swimmers.

Farnborough Leisure Centre - Kinetika Gym
Membership enquiries - contact 01252 554 040
Website details: click on
  Farnborough Leisure Centre

Important information: It has been brought to the Clubs attention that any Rushmoor swimmer of County standard or above can benefit from HTAS, which entitles them to apply through the Hampshire ASA for free use of the DC Leisure gyms. For further information please speak to the secretary of the Club.

UK Fitness Academy - BodyBlitz run by Helen Carpenter-Waters
Venue: Wavell School Campus
Day and Time: Tuesdays from 6.30 - 7.30 pm

This is an all round body conditioning class, that provides great cross training benefits.

Private Personal Training
Help with any Fitness/Personal training can also be arranged through the club. Please speak to the Head of Figures for further information.

Training Articles

This first article details the use of latex bands that can be used for strengthening the arm muscles for basic skills such as support scull.