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Competitions - OVERVIEW


Competitions vary greatly in length depending upon the type of Competition. Some Competitions involve an evening only, some a whole day, and some for the whole weekend. Take some warm and dry clothing to wear between figures, you can get very cold, especially feet!!! Suggested items are:- Towelling Robe, Poolside Shoes, Socks, Two Large Towels and Club uniform (R.S.S.C. cap, jacket, polo shirt, shorts, black leggings and flip flops as well as a white cap and black costume for figure competitions).

Competition Entry Forms: This is all managed by our Competition Secretary and the Team Manager that has been allocated for the competition.


The new FINA figures and elements required for 2013-2017

For the figures which are expected to be used in each level of synchronised swimming click here

For the appendix that describes the technical elements required for solo, duet and team routines click here

Music Form

To register music for competitions please print off the new form by clicking on the pdf link below.

Music Form (in pdf format) Once completed please pass the music form to Annie Stanhope.

Click here for accessing and using the PPL Member/Label Schedule and Search

Licensing of Synchro Competitions

From previous feedback and discussions, comments indicated that there were too many competitions - most with different conditions, and some with inappropriate content for the level of swimmer. This created an obstacle to competing as it was far too difficult and complex for coaches and swimmers to make the necessary changes required for each competition.
Also due to the differing competitions conditions some swimmers were training only to compete not to develop their techniques.

From January 2014 there will be a requirement for Synchronised swimming competitions to be licensed for the following reasons:

· To link competitions and content more closely to the LTAD strategy
· To seek to encourage more competitions where there were gaps in the
existing programme.
· To align with other Aquatic Disciplines
· To ensure greater control of events appearing on the national calendar
· To ensure minimum standards for competitions are being applied across all
events/ Regions.

Please click on the attached:

The document outlining the Licensing Scheme for Synchro Competitions and conditions

Licence application form

Referee feedback form

(Please note that the attached conditions document contains some differences from the previously circulated draft version).

· There is no charge for a licence.
· Regions/Clubs should apply for a Licence for each competition to be held by
completing the attached forms in full and emailing to the address shown.
· Competitions must comply with the conditions attached.
· On submission of completed forms, applications will be considered, approved
or not approved. On approval contacts will be informed of their Licence
number which must be displayed on the competition paperwork.
· In the case where an application is not approved contacts will be advised of
the reasons and invited to resubmit with appropriate changes made.

Please note that licensed officials must not partake in non-licensed competitions.

If any queries do ask questions prior to submitting applications, allowing time for response and discussion.

Judging of Figures explained

There have been a number of questions by athletes as to how the figures are judged. Therefore Vicky has very kindly put together the attached sheet to help show the elements of all the figures and the weighting given to each part.

 Figure judging explained