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2014 Competition RESULTS


National Age Groups Competition, GL1 - 5-7th December 2014
Click below for the National Age Groups results for 2014

pdf icon  NAGs 2014 Recreational Results and NAGs 2014 Competitive Results


Multi Regional Competition, K2 Crawley - 19th October 2014
Click below for the Multi Regional results for 2014

  Multi Regionals 2014 Results

.E. Regional Recreational Competition, Croydon - 27th September 2014
Click below for the S.E. Regional Recreational team results for 2014

 S.E. Regional Recreational team 2014 Results


Warwickshire & Staffordshire Competition, Rugby - 5th July 2014
Click below for the Warwickshire/Staffs U19 combo results for 2014

 Warwickshire/Staffs U19 combo team 2014 Results


Hampshire Age Group Competition, FLC - 21st June 2014
Click below for the Hampshire Age Group results for 2014

  Hampshire Age Group comp. 2014 Results


Reading Novice Competition, Reading - 7th June 2014
Click below for the Reading Novice results for 2014

 Reading Novice 2014 Results


Rushmoor Sculling Competition, FLC - 20th May 2014
Click on the icon below for the Rushmoor Sculling results for 2014

Rushmoor Sculling Comp. results 2014


British Champs, Ponds Forge, Sheffield - 11-13th April 2014
Click on the icon below for the Brutish Champs results for 2014

 British Champs results 2014


S.E. Novice Competition, FLC - 15th March 2014
Click on the icon below for the S.E. Novice results for 2014

 S.E. Novice results 2014