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                                                                            2013 BRITISH CHAMPIONS


Welcome to Rushmoor Synchronised Swimming Club


1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1991, 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013
Affiliated to South East Region ASA

Champs with trophy


Rushmoor Synchronised Swimming Club is proud to have been the British Champions 22 times and to currently have 5 athletes in the GB/England Senior Team as well as 5 athletes in the England Training Team, 1 athlete in England Age Group Squad, 1 athlete in England Development Squad and 2 athletes in S.E. Regional Squad. The Club was formed over 40 years ago and more about the history of the Club can be found throughout this website. 

To anyone new to Synchronised Swimming please feel free to browse the pages within this website to find out more about the sport and Rushmoor Synchronised Swimming Club in particular. If you wish to find out more about joining the club, then the club does run a number of new intake sessions throughout the year. If you are interested in joining the Club then please come along to one of the Club sessions on a Tuesday night between 7.30 - 9pm.

If you'd like to see what synchronised swimming is, we have put together a video for you to enjoy!


Our Mission statement: The aim of Rushmoor Synchronised Swimming Club is to remain THE BEST SYNCHRONISED SWIMMING CLUB IN GREAT BRITAIN and to strive for excellence in everything we do. 



Try synchro moves in a fun environment.

It is for ages 7-9yrs approximately, and is held in shallow water on a Sunday night from 6.30pm - 7.30pm.
To book a place please contact Sue Smith at 



R.S.S.C. December 2014  


Swimmer of the Month:

November 2015 - Emma Adams
October 2015 - Alex Ellerington
September 2015 - Hannah James
July 2015 - Zayna Gallacher
June 2015 - Lara Hockin &
Robyn Stanhope
May 2015 - Hannah Randall
Apr 2015 - Ella Smith    
 Mar 2015 - Lauren Nash
Feb 2015 - Jorja Brown
Jan 2015 - Minnie Gray


Skill passes:

                 October 2015:
          Skill 1 - Alex Ellerington
                        Olive Wallace
                        Lily Muir
                        Lucy McGirr

          Skill 2 - Jemima Smillie
                        Pippa Schulp
                        Laurern Nash
          Skill 3 - Alex Thickett

                        Minnie Gray
                        Tara McManus

                     September 2015:
          Skill 1 - Ella Smith
          Skill 3 - Charlie Trigg
                        Maggie Horos
          Skill 4 - Bella Harris-Johnstone

          Skill 5 - Hannah Randall

                     July 2015:
          Skill 1 - Grace Godfrey
          Skill 2 - Louise Love
          Skill 3 - Chloe Williams
                       Charlotte Reed
                       Natasha Early
          Skill 5 - Zoe James

                    May 2015:
          Skill 1 - Amber Hart
                       Katharine Jackson
                       Regan Woods
                       Grace Balchin
          Skill 2 - Amy Wilshaw
                       Maddie McGirr
                       Amy Campbell
          Skill 3 - Abi Garner
          Skill 4 - Zayna Gallacher
          Skill 5 - Millie Grinham
Celina Dembinska-Kenner

                      April 2015:
          Skill 2 - Jessica-Lucy Mint

                      March 2015:
          Skill 1 - Eloise Viney
                       Lauren Nash
                       Jemima Smilie
          Skill 2 - Jess Bosworth
          Skill 3 - Risa Darcy
                       Bella Harris-Johnstone

                      February 2015:
          Skill 1 - Yasmin Grist
          Skill 2 - Josephine Conner
                       India Rankin

                    January 2015:
          Skill 1 - Louise Love
          Skill 2 - Alex Thickett
          Skill 5 - Jorja Brown
                       Danielle Cooper

Welcome to the best British
synchro club!

We always like to welcome new members to the Club.

If you are interested in joining our Club, please contact

RSSC Training with Jenna Randall

Being part of a synchronised swimming team isn't just about eggbeating and ballet legs, you get the opportunity to increase your fitness, flexibility and strength.

You also have the opportunity to make friends for life and travel the country, maybe even the world, competing in a fantastic sport.

Please contact us on for more information.


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Please find below a list of the Club contacts that you may need to know.

Chairman: Brian Gegg -

Secretary -

Treasurer -

Head Coach: Louise Ross -

Club kit -

If you are interested in joining Rushmoor, please contact